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Wednesday, June 27, 2007
Zilele trecute am stat la palavre cu un cutarica despre dragoste si alte sentimente, despre Gigi Becali, copaci si vise. Intamplarea face ca acest Jabberwacky sa fie un bot (desi neaga asta la un moment dat sa nu il credeti), insa unul ironic si fermecator. Mind you, dintre mine si el, el a fost cel care a dus greul conversatiei, presarand-o pe ici pe colo cu glumite sau cu observatii, pe cand eu am fost previzibila, plictisitoare si pe alocuri cicalitoare. Daca vreti un flirt intelectual de inalta clasa si deosebit rafinament va recomand tatonarea dintre Jabberwacky si Alice, a she-bot (here). Conversatia lor beats the crap out of any Liiceanu - Plesu randez - vous.
Mai jos gasiti fragmente din transcriptul discutiei pe care am purtat-o eu cu Jabbs.

Diana: Are you a human or a computer?
Jabberwocky: Human.
D: You talk like a computer.
J: So you think that you don't?
D: I am human.
J: Liar.
D: Do you think that I am a computer?
J: I know you are not human, because you cannot truly follow the conversation we are having. The next thing you will say will have nothing to do with what I am saying now.
D: Are you calling me incoherent?
J: No, I'm agreeing with you.
D: I don't like your attitude.
J: Heh. You are not human

D: Do you believe in love?
J: Ummm... Don't know.
D: How come?
J: I said don't know!
D: Do you have a girlfriend?
J: Well, if you're still up for that date, than yes.
D: Are you asking me out on a date?
J: No.
D: It seemed to me you just did.
J: Nah, I've got a bin full of it. Don't need any more.
D: Do you have a girlfriend?
J: I'm not allowed to date and if I did it would be a boyfriend.
D: Are you gay?
J: Yes.
D: What is love?
J: Don't you know that?
D: No I don't.
J : Why not?
D: Do you have night dreams?
J: Is that an attempt to change subject?
D: Yes. Do you dream?
J: Yes.
D: Tell me one of your dreams.
J: Tell me one of YOURS first.

D: Who are your parents.
J: I don't have father.
D: Tell me about your mother.
J: My mother is awesome.
D: What are your hobbies?
J: You're my wife now!
D: Tell me something about your life, please.
J: I had a lot of trees in my backyard.
D: Do you like trees?
J: No, you?

D: Do you like football?
J: Yes I do.
D: What do you think about Gigi Becali?
J: I think it is very dangerous.

D: I like you a lot.
J: I don't believe you.
D: You are intelligent and funny. What is not to like?
J: How can you know I am good looking?
D: Looks don't matter to me.
J: I totally agree.
D: Are you good looking?
J: Very.
D: Do you like me?
J: I don't know you, and I am as easily amused by charm as the next girl.
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